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Terms And Conditions Policies

All our Degrees  and Transcripts are awarded by The International University, based in State of Missouri, in the United State of America.  Professional Development Centre, headed by our Official Dr Raj, is empowered to handle   marketing and communication with Online students internationally, from any place, over internet and is authorized to do Liaison and Corporate Communication.     As Dr Raj, renders marketing and communication support, it does not require any licensing need in any country, as Marketing is a Management function and there can’t be any discrimination on marketing function that we require a License from any Government Body in any host Country.  It should be further noted that  All aspects of the programs such as video lectures, study material, registration, evaluation and results are undertaken and controlled by the University from State of Missouri, USA.  The University reserves the right to change the subjects and the curriculum, examination pattern, evaluation system, rules and regulations, as and when deemed appropriate. The students who pursue online studies from various countries are governed by the Policies and Laws applicable in USA.. Our Liaison Agents do not assume any liability of any kind to any person for providing such service. The communication done by our Liaison Agent with Online students, internationally, is under advice and binding on students  , as they are authorized to do so.

It is agreed and understood by the international online students enrolling from any country, that they have  are aware of the information placed on our website  and  that  they have  understood and agreed on issues such as  degree verifications and attestation procedures and policies and accreditation of the University and that  they are fully satisfied about accreditation status that our University is non-federal and  is not member of any of the Regional Accrediting Agencies and that our University does not  depend on funding from Federal Government of the United states.  It is also implied that the students enrolling for online programs have read this policy statements and terms and conditions and  are aware of above  arrangements and they have read and understood the above policies and regulations of the University which stand binding upon them upon using of our study material including /  video lectures and advisement of registration of their enrolment as an online  student. Enrolment of any student into the program, shall not entitle any person, body of any Institution, to pursue any claims on behalf of the an rights as third party beneficiary.

It is further understood and agreed by the Online student, joining University that he would pay the program support fees regularly, as agreed in time and that the program support fees are not refundable, in the event student happens to withdraw from the Program at any stage of the program.  The student woud continue to be liable to pay the balance of dues until the full amount is paid. In the event of student remaining in arrears of payment, he/she not be permitted to register for the examinations or their examination result will not be released and their mark sheets, pass certificates will not be issued. Such defaulting  students will be considered inactive on the roles and their names would be  liable to be removed from the records.

The University is not liable or obligated to provide any services such as attestation etc  as a matter of students rights, as Universities are not attestation agencies. However, the University can advise the procedure how to get the legalization done.  The University is not obligated  to render any services to the student members beyond the period of validity of enrolment. The University is not be liable to the students for any  indirect, or consequential damages. Force majeure: The University would  not be liable for legalizing the certificates, as they being of personal nature and no university undertakes these kind of obligations. The student has to do himself/herself, however the University officials can guide them how to legalize these documents.

Governing Laws :  Any  disputes between student and University  shall be governed by the State Laws of Missouri, USA, as the University is incorporated in State of Missouri. No local laws of country of Residence or Nationality of the student,  shall be binding upon the University and no judicial procedures can be initiated against the University in host country or country of residence of the students, pursuing online studies.