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Legal View on TIU Online Degree by Advocate Raj Pahuja

Legality of our Online Degrees

TIU is Licensed by State of Missouri, in United States, in the year 1973 as Degree granting (Non Federal ) University, empowered  to award Degrees. The Degrees and certificates  issued by the University are  legitimate and accepted by the Employers Worldwide which is proved by the fact that our over 320,000 Graduates are working in all the Countries, with  Banks, MNCs and Local Organizations of all kinds, including with Government and semi-Government Offices.

As per the Educational Laws Act confers equal  status of Degrees.  Employers and Governments don’t discriminate on names of the Universities nor the structure of the Universities, such as Federal or Non-federal University nor the discrimination is ethically allowed on the basis of Accreditation Bodies, as Educational Laws don’t permit this. All Citizens, as per their Constitution are given equal access and equal freedom and choice to choose and decide to join any University they like, which is based on their educational and constitutional rights.  Discrimination on education and Employment is also not allowed by Human Rights Commission of UN nor immigration Authorities are supposed to reject or question the credentials of a University which is legitimately incorporated.