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Graduation Functions

Normally, Universities host Graduation Ceremonies, where they have campus based studies for full-time studies. Universities that offer distance-learning ( online) programs, don’t host Graduation functions, due to the fact that students are spread in over 200 Countries, who join distance learning courses. It is not possible to host Graduation function which is called “ convocation function “.  However, the University has organized number of Graduation function in some of its Centers  in the past, namely in Dubai, by Center headed by Dr Raj. 

Graduation functions are organized to celebrate the achievements of students, to honor their achievements by inviting some VIP or Diplomat or any Minister, who bestows awards. The University has invited several Diplomats like Consul Generals and Ambassadors from Countries of India and Pakistan,  in the past, and can be held  to honor the students.  

The foreign Governments respect the Constitutional rights of the students to acquire education through “ Distance Learning ( online) “ and since the functions like these are of a private nature, the Governments, rather support such initiatives to keep the Foreign Nationals happy so that they work for Foreign Governments and help developing the Country through their skills.

Given below are some of clippings of such “Convocation functions” held in the past 42 years, during the history of University.



Dr  John Johnston, the Chancellor of The International University,   addressing Graduates at the ceremony.



H.E. KC Singh, the Ambassador of India and
Dr Raj Pahuja, at the Graduation function held in Intercontinental Hotel Dubai.  HE Imanatula Larik, Consul General of Pakistan   presenting Degree to MBA Students.


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Dr. Raj Pahuja, Vice President of TIU,  Addressing Graduates at the TIU Graduation Ceremony .



H. E. K.C. Singh, Ambassador of India, delivering Graduation Address at Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai



H.E. Imanatula Larik, Consul General of Pakistan delivering Graduation Address at Intercontinental Hotel’



Senior Consul from Consul General of India's Office delivering speech at Graduation Ceremony.



 Dr  Raj, the Vice President of TIU addressing Graduates at the ceremony.