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Q. What is the difference in study at Campus of University in any Traditional University and study by Online ?

A. The Study by online is through computer, when you are online. You don’t attend lectures physically in classrooms and give Exams on scheduled dates. In case of Online, you can study whenever you have time and from any place i.e. residence, office or at outside and you can give Exams when you want and you can choose time of giving exam, from any place i.e. from your residence or from your office or outside, when you are on Holidays.  You have lots of flexibility and choice and you can freely travel. Online suits to those who are busy executives and those who travel frequently.

Q. Is Online method of study recognized and accepted by Ministries and Government and whether one can get the Job if he studies online ?

A. It should be remembered that Online method of study is study by distance learning and there have been hundreds of Universities, including top ranking Universities in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, which Offer studies by Online. Government or Ministries don’t discriminate on Online method of study, as it would amount to discrimination on education rights under Constitution of all countries. Constitution does not specify method of study. Education rights are same for all Citizens. 

Q. Is the word Online method of study mentioned on Degree or Transcript ?


Q. Are Degrees earned through distance learning ( online) legal and valid ?

A. Yes. 100%. Online is mode of study and there is no discrimination on mode of study. Online is being offered by many top University in USA, UK an Europe, India, Canada and Australia etc.

Q. Can we get job if we obtain Degree by distance learning ?

A.Yes. Of course.  We have over 300,000 students, who have obtained our Degree, during past 40 years from our University.  All of them are working in  various countries, worldwide in Government and semi-Government, Multinational companies, International Banks and Local companies. This itself is proof.

Q. How can I register for an Online Degree program ? Are Admissions open throughout ? Can I join any time ?

A. Once you fill out the “ Admission Evaluation Form “ placed on our website and send to TIU, the University would send you the report on your admission and guide you fully how you can register.

You can join anytime.

Q. How fast I can complete Degree ?

A. Once you send details to the University of your educational background and work experience, the University would advise you how fast you can complete.

Q. How can I pay fees online ?

A. You can pay by Bank Draft or by Cheque in Local currency of your Country. The University would advise you in this regard.

Q. Is the word “ Online study “  and total duration of study mentioned on Degree or Transcript ?

A. No.

`Q. Is this Degree acceptable for “ Immigration “ purpose ?

A. Yes for the fact that Immigration Authorities don’t discriminate on method of study. We have thousands of our graduates working in USA, Canada, Australia and various other countries.  This is in the records of Immigration Ministries of these Countries, which they can’t deny. This is proof.