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Alumni Membership

TIU Membership Advantage

TIU would offer its Graduates( Alumnae) the opportunity to join in Alumni Meets, Lunches, Iftar, Christmas and New Year Parties and attend the seminars on Career and Corporate Development and interesting Legal seminars on topics on educational Laws and Human Rights Treaties and ILO from time to  time.  Besides, it would also offer the scope for any consultation on issues of importance and Job Placement support, attestation guidance and Degree Verification Services for their Employers.  Dr Raj, is University’s Legal Counsel for rendering any legal advice and assistance.

Discover the full benefit of Membership

As a member you will have many opportunities to begin networking and experience that sense of belonging.  We encourage you to explore and take advantage of the significant professional benefits that Alumni  membership offers:

Stay Informed:

  • TIU Alumni Quarterly  e-newsletter
  • Access to the Articles of importance

Expand your Professional Network:

  • Connect to  our online professional community
  • Attend Seminars on Career and Labour Laws and other Legal matters such as Immigration and attestation of documents and practices adopted by the Embassies and Foreign Ministries in various countries.
  • Networking Events
  • Connect through Face book, Twitter, YouTube and Linked  platforms

Enhance Your Professional Value & Connect with the Best:

  • Annual Meetings
  • Alumni Award Functions

 Leadership Opportunities:

  • Grow as a leader through our Award and Recognition  programs
  • Share in our

Additional Services & Features:

  • Subscribe to our Job Placement service
  • Calendar of Events

Requirements of Joining Membership :

1.Fill out the Alumni Membership Form given below and don’t omit any column
2.Post your CV with your photo and contact address ( to identify your records with  University )
3.Attach copy of your Degree
4.Attach copy of Transcript ( it is must)
5. Your Current ID ( passport copy or driving License)


Please ensure that you fulfil the above 5 requirements essentially, which may take some 15 minutes time, which would be worth investing, as the benefits of Membership would outweigh the cost of 15 minutes that you would spend.

Please further note that simply filling out the form would not be accepted for Membership and any communication in that regard would not be responded.

The above documents can be emailed to :

Alumni Membership Form :

Your Name (required)
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Choose Degree
Date of Completion
Name of Study Center
Name of Center Director
Is Your Degree Attested From Ministry?

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