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Why You Should Join TIU Programs?

  • The Degrees offered by our University are like any other Degree offered by full-time studies  in any of the  Government or Federal University, in USA, of that of any Country in the World. What is important is  knowledge and value. With our Degree, you can get jobs anywhere in the World,  in  any of the Multinational corporation, Banks, Semi-Government Offices, including   in  Government Organizations and Ministries, as our students work also in such organizations, all over the World. However, some Ministries sometimes discriminate and they have their own Policies, which keep changing.
    Whereas  Local Companies don't have such Policies. Employers  recruit  Employees who are capable and who can  manage the Responsibilities. 
  • You  can access to high-value based quality  Study material and our Video lectures of highly qualified faculty.
  • Our University Degrees are accepted globally.   This is proven by the fact that the University Graduates are working  in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, UAE, and many other countries, worldwide. Some of them have got US, Canadian and Australia Citizenships Passports on our BBA and MBA Degrees.
  • You get duly legalized Degree which is needed to get Employment and Visa to certain countries when you migrate , which is proven by the fact that hundreds of our Graduates holding BBA and MBA Degrees have migrated to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., under skilled category and today, they have Residency Visa and Passports from such Countries.
  • Your Employers and Degree Verifying Agencies  can check and verify your Degree with us and get confirmation of your academic records. All students records are  maintained by Registrar of the University. 
  • You can study during weekends, lunch-breaks, when you on holidays and you can write the exams when you are ready and from your own PC and from your own place ( office or home ) at your own time which you have to decide.  
  • You don't have to spend fortune on your University Degree. You can get it at an  Affordable fees and you can pay in  instalments.