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Fact Sheet of University


Legal Status of University


The International University, is Private and not-for-profit  Non-federal University, founded in the year 1973, in the State of Missouri, Independence, in United States of America, authorized to Award Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D Degree programs.


University Chancellor and Directors

PhD, Ed.D, DD
The Chancellor

M.A., MBA, Ph.D,

Ph.D, MBA., MBA, M.Com., LLB., ACIB., ACA, CFE, CFM (Michigan, USA).
(International Marketing, Communication, Online Development, and Legal Affairs) 

4. Dr. Cecil W. Johnston, 
Vice President,

5. Dr. Hazel Robinson


The Officials of The International University,

 Missouri, USA



TIU Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration

  • PhD (in Business Administration, Management, Finance and other business related subjects)


Attestation of Degrees

All our Degrees are issued by University in USA. They are legalized from Secretary of State, Washington ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dept). 

Click here to view Degree and  attestation by Authorities.



Legality and Validity of Degrees earned through different methods  of Study

All Degrees are issued by a legitimate and  Legally formed and  Licensed  University empowered to Award Degrees. They are valid and equal before the Law and good for getting Jobs anywhere in the World. Some Universities  offer full time courses, whereas other offer  part-time courses  and some offer distance learning and  Online studies. All are  valid in law provided the University is Licensed by the State Ministry.  Constitution of all countries have given Equal access and Equal rights to their Citizens, to not only study but also the right to Choose any mode of study, according to a person's income capacity and and ability to meet Admission conditions of all kind of Universities.   Discrimination on Degrees by the Employer ( whether Government or Private )  is prohibited under Constitution and under Human Rights of United Nations and also International Labor Organization, USA. 


International Students

Our students have come from over 600 Universities from over 100 countries of the World. 
Most of these students  have obtained Degrees from Nationally Accredited Universities including Government & Federally funded Universities, AICTE Accredited Bodies, etc.


TIU Students are recognized  by " Who's Who " Body of USA for Awards for Outstanding Academic Performance  among American Colleges and Universities.

TIU Students have been consistently winning Awards  for quality education which proves that TIU maintains highest standards for academic achievements, which are reflected in students performance.


Why do people prefer our Online Degrees ?

  • There are 13 Reasons, among others are :

  • Because our Degrees are legitimate and attested from Authorities in USA

  • Our Graduates get study-notes and knowledge  through Video lectures of professionally and highly qualified faculty.

  • 80% of our Graduates are working at a very senior positions, such as  CEOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, AVPs, GMs, AGMs, Finance Controllers, Functional Heads etc.,


TIU Scholarships

TIU offers scholarships based on performance in Schools and colleges. The scholarship would vary from 10% to 50% waiver in the fees. The scholarship is offered to scholars scoring over 80% in their high school or in their Degree programs.



TIU Financial Aid to Financially weaker Sections of the Society and Handicapped People.

It also offers Financial Aid upto 50% of fees to financially weaker  and handicapped persons  who can't afford to pursue higher education.