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Degree Attestation

FAQ on New Policies on “ Attestation of Degree
The Answers are given by the University’s  Official and Vice President  Dr Raj Pahuja
Dr Raj is associated  with University for the past 20 years. He is a Registered Lawyer and looks after legal matters.

Q1.What is attestation ? 

A. Attestation of any Document including Educational Degree certificate signifies that it is the copy of Original Document. That is it. Attestation Stamp of Certifying Authority clearly writes the words that “attestation does not certify the “ contents of the Document “. Attestation  does not certify or prove Accreditation of University, as some wrongly assume.

Q2. Who are attestation Authorities, who  to attest USA Degree and what each one does ?

A. They are  3 Authorities : 1, Notary in State of Missouri 2. Secretary of State in Missouri 3. Secretary of State, Washington ( This is also known as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USA),

Q3.What is  the significance of Attestation ?
 Is  it   required in all countries ?
Why attestation is  insisted by Government Authorities in certain Countries

A. Attestation of Educational Document is not required in most countries, except in certain Middle-Eastern Countries namely, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait and those countries, which have such requirement for issuing Visa from Ministry of Labor etc. Ministry of Labor also in such Countries, don’t require attestation of Degree if the Employees work for Government owned Departments or Government Banks.  They don’t insist for attestation.  Attestation proves that the “proof that the Degree is not fake “. This is the chief reason for attestation of Degree.

Q4.Does Attestation determine or prove validity and legality of Degree?

A.Not at all. The wordings in the “stamp of Attestation Authority clearly write “  we certify the signature and stamp of Notary or Secretary of State “  Attesting Authority’s stamp no where writes that they certify the  legality or validity of the Degree “

Q5.Is attestation compulsory ?


Q6.What if Degree is not attested? Are they accepted by the Employers, even Ministries ?

A.It makes no difference. It is still legal.  Universities issue hundreds of thousands of Degrees to their students over the years which are not attested. This does not make the Degrees “illegal or peace of paper “ as some people assume under ignorance of Law  and form misconception about legality of Degree.
The value of Degree, influencing competence of the Students,  does not come from “ Attestation “ but from the Knowledge. All Degrees, irrespective of attestation are legal and they are accepted by the Employers, who may even be Ministries. Attestation is Secondary and not primary.

Q7. Are TIU Degrees accepted by Ministries, Multinational Companies and Banks and Embassies etc. ?

A.Yes. Very much. For Example, TIU Graduates in Middle-East and in many parts of World such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, Bahrain, UK and Europe, Canada, USA, India, Pakistan etc. These  Graduates  work with  over 500 Multinationals, and with over 100s of  Government Departments and also with Ministries and also with 100s of  Local and International Banks in above countries. This itself  is proof that TIU Degrees are attested by Ministries in these Countries because students have to get Visa from Labor Dept which requires attestation. 

Q8.Are Universities responsible to give attested Degree and are they liable to do attestation?
A.  It should be noted that Universities are not “Attestation Agencies “. They are Academic Institutions. No University in the World provides Attested Degrees, nor it is responsible to provide attested Degrees. Attestation is a “Service “which can be offered at “fee “at the request of the Student by Attestation Agency or even by the University, if they want.  However, the student can request to them but “ force them “ to get attestation done.  They may accept and they may not accept. It is their prerogative.

Q9..What is the Legal and moral responsibility of Students in Attestation matter. Can they   appoint “ Attestation Agency for the purpose  ?

A.As the Degree belongs to the Student and since it being  his/ her  “ technical need “ in a particular Country to attest the Document for Visa Purpose, hence it becomes his / her personal responsibility to follow the attestation procedure and get the Document attested. However, he can appoint, under specific authority to any Agency to do the same for him , at a fee, if that Agency agrees to do so and it has the

Approval from “ Ministry of Foreign Affairs “ of that Country, specifically authorizing that Attesting Agency to attestation of “ Educational Documents from USA Foreign Ministry “ and also from “ Embassy of the Country of the Student, where student works “ .

Q10.Can any Foreign Embassy in   Washington, legally  refuse to do attestation of Degree ?

A.No.  They can not legally refuse to do attestation.  All Embassies in Washington or in various countries are doing attestation. It is their moral and legal responsibility, under Diplomatic relationships and International Treaties which they have mutually signed.  However, the concerned student has to  meet the conditions specified by the concerned Foreign Embassy in Washington on its website. Foreign Embassy in Washington  is legally responsible to give explanation or reasons as to why it can’t do attestation, if they don’t attest any educational Document. This is normal practice. Foreign Embassy in Washington, just can’t ignore the matter and keep quite. It is Accountable to Public and it must respect their Constitutional Right for attesting the educational Document

Q11.Do the Foreign Embassies in Washintton,  have any legal  right to question the Student  on “ mode of study such as full-time, part-time, distance learning or Online or  raise objection on Accreditation and based on that refuse to do attestation ?
A.No. It is not within their Powers of Foreign Embassy in Washington,  to raise any objection, as their legal duty is to “  certify the “ signature and stamp of previous attestation Body “.  It is not within their powers to raise objection or question on “ mode of study i.e. distance learning or Online “ or any other aspect such as Accreditation of University “ or “ comment on “ Listed University “ in the Director of DED and make that as a reason for refusing to attest the Document and if they do so, then they must give in writing, so that a complaint can be made to the concerned Ministry for putting “ illegal conditions” which the Foreign Embassies are not supposed to put and make it as an excuse for not doing attestation.

Q12.Are TIU Degrees Attested by UAE Embassy in Washington, in the past and till today ? What is the proof of this ?

A.Yes, as always.  TIU  introduced the attestation of Degree practices at the initiative of  our Official Dr Raj, some 20 years back and since then thousands of Degrees have been attested by USA Foreign Ministries in Washington and also by the “ UAE foreign ministry “ for UAE based students, as the most students were from Dubai, studying in Professional Development Center. This proves the fact the fact that the UAE Embassy  in Washington,  is attesting TIU Degrees. TIU Degrees are attested by Secretary of State, Washington, USA, till recently, in the year 2013, which is the requirement for attestation of TIU Degree by UAE Embassy in Washington. This proved  the fact that UAE Embassy has mentioned on its website that they are attesting educational document.  If UAE Embassy was not attesting TIU Degree, they would have made the mention on their website about this. However, the names of students are withheld for USA Privacy Act.

Q13. What is the procedure for attesting Degree further from Foreign Ministry of Country of Student where he works ? For  Example, supposing  an Indian Resident of UAE wants  to have his / her Degree attested form Foreign Ministry in UAE, then what he/ she has to do ?

A.The students are advised  to visit the Website of UAE Embassy in Washington and find out  requirements for attestation of Educational Document.  Embassy has specified 3 requirements. 1. Degree should be attested by Secretary of State, Washington, 2. Purchase Bank Draft for the amount specified in the name of UAE Embassy and 3. send Original Degree along with “ Prepaid Courier “ to the address of UAE Embassy in Washington. Students are advised to keep the full-record of Bank Draft and Airway Bill Number of Courier as proof of having sent the original Degree and Draft  to the Embassy in Washington, for future follow up and action, with UAE Embassy in Washington, USA.

Q14. How to get Attestation done from the Embassy of the Country in Washington. For Example if the student is working for any of these country, namely,  UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, UK, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, to name few    ?

A. TIU would provide a Degree and it can be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Washington, USA. It then becomes easy for the Student working in any of the above Country or even other Country, not mentioned above, to have his Degree attested from the Embassy of his Country of work, based in Washington and once that is done, then the concerned student can very well get the Degree attested from Foreign Ministries of his Country where he works. For this, he/ she  has to follow  the procedure mentioned on the “ website of Foreign Embassy in Washington. For Example, if an Indian National student is working in UAE, then he can send the Certificate to UAE Embassy in Washington, with Bank Draft and original Degree, through “prepaid courier”. The student can write to TIU and get further guidance, how to get it done by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

Q15.Can Student  hire Attestation Agency or University Official, for attestation of his/ her Degree from USA Embassy ?

A.Yes. He/ She can do so. It would be a Service Contract, student has to sign and give Authority to the Agency or to the University. 

Q16.How  a student can confirm that Attestation Agency which he hires has legal authority to do attestation of Degree Certificates and whether it has “ Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Approval for doing Attestation of Degrees ?

A.  Yes, he/ she can do so. But the student, before  paying fees and signing for “ service contract “ any Attestation Agency in UAE, the student should  ask that Attesting Agency to provide  “ documentary proof of Approval from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they have authorization from Ministry to do attestation of “ educational document of USA”.  General Authority for attestation would not be sufficient.  Student may lose money or may have disappointment and dispute later with such Attestation Agency, as most of them are making false claims that they are approved and they do attestation of Degrees from USA.    Students are advised to be careful against such false claims and insist to get the written proof of Approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE, specifying the name of Attestation Agency that they are “ authorized to do attestation of educational degrees from UAE Embassy in Washington, to avoid any disputes.

Q17.Do Foreign Embassies in Washington have any Legal right to not to return the

Degree to the Student, duly attested and even not to communicate and keep quite and not to reply to the student’s communication ? If Embassy does this all, what the student should do ?
A.No Embassy has legal right to keep the Original Degree of student with them and it must attest the Degree if all the requirements of attestation are satisfied. However, if the student is not satisfying the requirements for attestation, in that case the Embassy in Washington, must return the Document and Bank Draft to the Student, with “reasons “ for not doing attestation.  It is illegal not to return the Degree of the Student and to keep the Degree of Student with Embassy.
The Student should send reminders, faxes and mails to the Embassy and keep the record and inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Country, where he works. Supposing her works in UAE or Qatar of Saudi, then he must inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar or Saudi or UAE, that  that their Embassy in Washington has not returned their Original Degree and request their help in the matter to get the Degree. The student can report the matter and seek help of University official in this case and follow the guidance given by the University.

Q.18. What is the  Legal Liability of Attestation Agency if it gives false report to the Student who hires its services for attestation of his degree from  say Qatar or UAE   Embassy in Washington, that Qatar / UAE Embassy in Washington  is not doing attestation ?

A.Giving false report by the Attestation Agency located anywhere i.e. UAE, Qatar or anywhere, without a documentary proof from Qatar or UAE Embassy in Washington that they don’t do attestation of Degree , is first of all a crime and it would be act of defaming the Qatar or UAE Embassy in Washington. Further, it would be crime by the Attestation Company   to misguide the student and prejudice the students’ mind against the UAE / Qatar Embassy that they are not doing attestation. Also it would crime to defame the University in question, that Qatar or UAE Embassy is not doing attestation of their Degrees. Therefore there are 3 crimes that the Attestation Company would commit.  The Student, the University and concerned Embassy in Washington, can take legal action against such Attestation company, under the laws of the Land.

Q.19. What is position of Attestation companies in UAE  ? Do they have License or approval for doing Attestation of “ educational document from UAE Embassy in Washington, in particular or they have “ general License “ for attestation ? How to confirm this ?

A. Based reports from the existing students, it is found out that many Attestation Agencies in UAE , make  claims in their Advertising and  on their Website that they do  attestation of Degree from USA or Embassy in USA and foreign ministries etc to attract business, but in reality, they don’t do attestation of Degrees from UAE Embassy and they don’t have License. However, those Agencies, who have License for offering attestation services, including attestation of “ degrees “ from USA, need not worry and are not covered here.

The Legal Liability of such Attestation Agencies is this that those who don’t have above stated Specific License, and give  false news in Newspapers and on their  website, then that itself can become proof of committing crime and they can be  prosecuted legally for the following Actions :

Firstly, for  mis-leading Public, through false news in Advertisement, which itself is a crime.

2)  Secondly, for making false claim on their website, which again is crime that they do attestation of Degree from UAE Embassy in Washington.

3) Thirdly, if they take money and don’t do the work, which itself is wrong and amounts to cheating Public.

4) Fourthly, if they give any adverse or maligned “ verbal “ or written information/ report through email about any  University status, without documentary proof, then it becomes “ criminal offence “ of defaming the University

5) It also become offence of “defaming the UAE Embassy that they are not doing the attestation of educational document”

Q.20. what is the Responsibility and Legal Liability of the Student if he/she gives false report about the Foreign Embassy in Washington, to the University.

The Student would also be responsible for “ defaming UAE Embassy and also for Defaming University “ and can also be legally prosecuted if he does not have “ documentary evidence “ proving that UAE Embassy does not do attestation of “ educational document “ . Such student can be guilty of committing crime under UAe Penal Laws, and the concerned student would be subject of being deported from UAE, through court Judgment, under respective laws of the land.  The students are therefore, advised to be cautious for and should demand written and documentary proof from such Attestation Agencies. Concerned student is also legally obligated to demand documentary proof from such Attestation Agency, and report this to the concerned University official, so that it can take action against such Attestation Agency.