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Q. Is The International University,(TIU),  legally incorporated by the Department of Education, Missouri, USA. When was it incorporated ?

A. Yes, in the year 1973.

Q. How many Universities are in USA and whether the Government controls all Universities ?

A. There are around 4850 Universities in USA.  The Government does not control Universities. The Universities are controlled by Accreditation Bodies in USA, which are private Agencies.

Q. Is  Accreditation is provided to the Universities by Government in USA ?
A. No. The Government does not provide Accreditation in USA. Department of Education USA, is not Accreditation Granting Body. It is Ministry. The Accreditation in USA  is offered by Private Agencies in USA.

Q. Is TIU Accredited and if so, from whom ?

A. Yes. TIU has Accreditation from ACI, which accredits over 280 Universities in USA.

Q. Is Accreditation compulsory in USA compulsory ?


Q. Do  all Universities in USA have accreditation ?
A. Yes.

Q. What are Categories of Accreditation in USA and what is difference in them ?

A. There  are Federal Universities and non-Federal Universities in USA. The difference between these two is this that Federal Universities receive funds from Government for payment of
1. Salaries for Faculty 2. Scholarships to students 3. Research 4. Expansion etc. Whereas, the Non-Federal Universities imply that they don’t receive the funds to the Universities.

Q. Do Federal Universities offer courses in other Countries ? Is it difficult to get admission in any of such Universities in USA ? Are course fees affordable or very costly ?

A. Onl;y around 23% of the Universities are Federal and receive Funds from Federal Government and the remaining 77% of the Universities come under “ Non-federal “ Category of Universities, who don’t get funds from the Government in USA.  However, the admission conditions for joining Federal Universities are very tough and fees are very high. Generally, such Federal Universities don’t have Branches in most countries.

Q. What about Ranking of American Universities ?

A. Ranking is not given by the Government. Ranking is mostly done by some Private Publication Group or some consultants on the parameters such as : Salary of Graduates in various companies , % in salary increase and also preference of appointment of Graduates by certain Employers such as Banks, Multinationals etc. There are around 5000 Universities in USA, but only top 100 are ranked. The remaining 4900 are not ranked. 

Q. Are Degrees offered by Federal and Non-Federal Universities in USA, legally valid and accepted by Employers, who may be Multinationals, Banks, Government and semi-Government Offices in various countries ?

A. Yes. All Universities which are licensed to operate and issue Degree/ Diplomas etc are legitimate and their Degrees are Legal and they are being accepted by all types of Employers in various countries.  TIU has thousands of students working even with Government and semi-Government owned companies and Banks  in various countries, including in USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, UK, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, India, Pakistan. This itself is a proof that there is no discrimination on Degrees. Discrimination on education and Employment  is illegal and opposed by Human Rights Commission.

Q. What determines the value of Degree ?

A. Value means competence in terms of skills and knowledge. Value of Degree comes from

 1. Knowledge of Faculty 2. study-material such as Lectures and study-notes and grades which one obtains in subjects. Higher grade means higher value obtained.

Q. Does attestation of Degree determine value of Degree ?

A. Attestation is just a confirmation by Attestation Authority of the fact that “ Degree is the copy of the Original “. Therefore, attestation of Degree can’t determine the Value of Degree, as most people such as concerned student and Employer, to whom the Degree is submitted for Job, mistakenly and wrongly assume and without attestation they think Degree is like a “ piece of paper”. How baseless and absurd it is ?

Q. Can Government or any Ministry discriminate on these Degrees ?

Normally not. However, some governments make a  policy to accept Degrees from the Universities which receive funds from Government in the field of Health and Medicine and Law. However, our graduates can work in administrative positions in Ministries, Embassies, Government Airlines and Government Banks and finance etc.

Q. Are TIU Degrees attested from Foreign Ministries in USA and also by Foreign Ministries in other Countries.

A. Yes. See attested Degree in 2013 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Washington, USA, on our Website. Once it is done, then any Embassy of any Country based in Washington, USA, has legal obligation to attest the Degree. If a particular Embassy and Government Department does not do attestation, then it amounts to discrimination and violation of Constitutional Rights given to the Student by USA Constitution as well as by the Constitution of Nationality of the Student and also violation of provisions and freedom on Education Rights under Human Rights Commission, of which all countries are Members.  The country which does discrimination would accountable and answerable to the Government of the Country to which student belongs and also discriminating Country would be accountable to Human Rights Commission of UN.

Q. Can student Get credits on Work Experience and his Professional Qualifications and can he use those credits to get Exemption in subjects he would study for a particular Degree program such as BBA and MBA ?

A. Yes.

Q. Can student transfer his/ her  credits he/ she  has earned in another University but he/ she has not completed the Degree in that University and now he/she wants to transfer the credits to TIU for BBA  or MBA ? Is it possible ?

A. Yes.

Q. Can student transfer the credits earned in TIU to another University ?

A. Yes. However, it is subject to the policies of the transferee University.

Q. If I join an Online program of TIU and I need an explanation in any subject, then what I need to do ?

A. Once you join our Online program, we would advise you fully on this aspect and also on all other aspects of University support.

Q. Does University hold graduation function and when it is so and where ?

A. University generally have policies on hosting graduation functions.  The University can hold the graduation function where ever it feels so.  There are no restrictions on hosting convocation. The student would be advised appropriately in this regard, after completing his program.

Q. Does University offer any Degree on Life-experience basis ?

A. No. However, we offer credits on work experience and it can help in completing course faster. But you can’t get Degree on your life-experience. Education is not a “ business “ and there is no negotiation and you can’t buy the Degree by paying the price, as some Universities are found to indulge in doing so. We believe that our Graduates should be capable to manage senior positions such as CEO, Director and Vice President and any managerial position, which requires competence. You can’t manage such positions, when you buy Degree because you are not getting knowledge when you buy Degree.

Q. What if a person is professionally qualified and has qualifications such as ACA, ICWA, CMA, ACCA, CFA, MBA, LLB., LL.M etc. Can he simply pay and get MBA and PhD Degree ?

A. No. He can get exemptions and can  fast-track his program.

Q. How long it would take to get the Degree, which is attested from  Ministry ?

A. 6 to 8 weeks.